We are the Electricity and Lighting Department within the AL-MUFID Group of Companies. The beginning of the launch of the specialized department in the field of electricity and energy after the urban movement that happened in governorates of Iraq, so that we would have an active participation in the implementation and preparation of government and investment Lighting projects in electricity materials at the beginning of 2011, which included, board and kiosk transformers, lighting poles and energy transmission according to international and governmental specifications and from global origins and thus we are unique in this field having many exclusive agencies in the Republic of rag and in the Middle East, the process continues until we become from agents to manufacturers and have effective competence in this field. By introducing the latest modern designs to develop the city lighting sector for the processions of developed countries. let us be proud of the first Iraqi company that introduced decorative columns in many Iraqi governorates, with a high quality that our projects have today.


We have taken upon ourselves the importance of quality and technical development through our efficient cadres and continuous monitoring of the production stages and to complete processing to meet the needs of companies and the Iraqi government, especially the markets of the Gulf countries. After the successes we have achieved, we have become investors in several international laboratories in the Republic of Iran, the Republic of Turkey and the State of China to ensure quality, speed of processing and continuous development. Now we have a complete set of decorative and regular lighting poles, rounded and gridded power poles, in addition to garden and park poles

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