Galvanized polygon lighting poles.

which is 6 mm to 3 meters and with a thickness of 35 to 3 meters. We have polygonal, non-durable, polygonal lighting poles of different heights from microns. Manual welding mechanism and 185 machines used in high-light towers. Galvanization are in basins of oxidation and galvanized up to 30 mm to. 15 mm according to the specification, a special we have recently introduced to give high quality and durability. The thickness of the base plate is that we provide the column with single and double lighting rods. Equipped with Anker Bolt and Base Plate. The alignment changes according to the height of the column. Now we manufacture, equip and design lighting poles for polygon and rounded roads, lighting towers for main roads, and lighting towers for stadiums, manual or electric. Here are some products and production stages.

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